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Wildflower seed more popular than ever

Wildflower seed more popular than ever
12th July 2012 Lawn UK

Lawn UK started out 10 years ago, as one of the UK’s best grass seed and lawn seed suppliers. Over the years, agricultural mixes, sports mixes and wildflower mixtures were all added to our range. Today though, we are constantly offering advice on our wildflower seeds, to gardeners keen to create a wildlife haven within their own gardens.

You don’t need acres of land to establish a wildflower meadow. Our 50 gram packs will cover up to 20mallowing you to establish wildflower meadows in even the smallest area. We have a large range of wildflower seed to cover many different soil types, to ensure that you get the best mixture for your soil.

Wildflowers are very popular in urban gardens, and a regularly featured in prestige show gardens. With the appropriate care they can look very smart, and often the contrast between perfect lawn, and wildflowers creates a beautiful display.

If you want to create your own wildflower mixture, we are happy to mix up any seed mixture that you require. Every wildflower area is unique, and we think it’s great that people like so much variety in their gardens.

Wildflower seed though is a fantastic way to help introduce wildlife, especially pollinating insects to your garden. Seed is also great for spreading in public areas, such as parks, and road sides. We often work with local councils to help bring some colour to their county.

Want to know how to establish a wildflower meadow? Find the answer here.


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