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Types of grass used in the UK

Types of grass used in the UK
16th July 2012 Lawn UK

We’re often asked about different types, or species, of grass that we use here in the UK. The answer many different species and varieties, most frequently found as part of a mixture. It’s rare you will find just one grass species growing on its own.

Not all “Green Areas” are grass species. Other things like green manures, and cereal crops in their early growth stages can provide green cover in fields.

The seed depends on the type of use

In the amenity market (lawns, sports pitches etc…) species used tend to be quite fine, low growing, and hard wearing. Species such as the following are regularly used:


In agriculture, grasses used tend to be very different. For a farmer, his priorities are based on high yields, so extra grass to make hay, or for animals to graze on. Farmers tend to use different grasses because other species such as Westerwolds, Italian and Hybrid ryegrass have very big leaves, for optimum yields. These are species you don’t want in your lawn.


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