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Cold weather causes slower germination

Cold weather causes slower germination
29th April 2013 Lawn UK

March and April this year have been much colder than average. Seeds can usually be sown from mid-March onwards, depending on when the weather comes right. This year however, gardeners and landscapers have only been able to start sowing grass seed in the recent weeks.

Some parts of the UK are still slightly too cold for grass seed to germinate, and our diverse multi-species wildflower mixtures may take longer than usual to begin germinating.

Already planted seed?

Seed can sit in the soil for several weeks before it will rot and no longer be viable. If you planted your seed less than 3 weeks ago, and it has not germinated, it could still germinate once the weather warms up. Make sure you leave the seed long enough (3 weeks) before you plant new seed. If you do need to reseed, make sure you first fork some fertiliser (Growmore) into the soil to boost the new seed.


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