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Choosing one of our mixtures based on price

Choosing one of our mixtures based on price
25th July 2012 Lawn UK

Today the UK economy has suffered a significant blow, as the recession in this country deepens. The output of our economy fell by 0.7% in April and June according to the BBC. This means that public spending is down, therefore we have published this guide to help you choose a suitable, economical lawn seed mixture.

Some of our cheapest grass seed mixtures include Sprogs and Dogs, Fast Grass, and Lazy Lawn. These seed mixtures are still of the highest standard, but we keep costs down to ensure you get the best lawn seed prices. Whilst these are our cheapest grass seed mixtures, it is a good idea to consider how you want your lawn to look. These mixtures won’t produce a bowling green style lawn.

If you want to purchase the finest quality grass seed though, it is best to use of premium lawn seed range, including Premium Green and Premium Shade. Whilst these mixtures are not the cheapest lawn seed available, they are by far the best, and if you want to get perfect results, it is best to spend the extra money on a mixture containing more ornate species, compared to those used in hard wearing mixtures.

All of our prices on our website are retail prices. We offer discounts for large orders, and trade purchases. If you wish to discuss any prices with Lawn UK, please contact us on 08458 622710, and we will be happy to help you.


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