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Annual wildflowers

Annual wildflowers
5th December 2013 Lawn UK
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Annual wildflowers are found in many areas around the country. It’s possible to reintroduce species like Corn Chamomile, Cornflower, Field Poppy, Corn Cockle, Corn Marigold and Yellow rattle from seed.

Mixtures like our Fab Meadow, are made up of a mixture of grasses, perennial wildflowers and annual wildflowers. From a spring sowing, it’s unlikely that many of the perennial wildflowers will flower the first year, however, annual wildflowers tend to be much faster to establish, providing vivid colour in the year of sowing.

It’s possible to plant an all annuals wildflower mixture. We still mix the seeds with a low maintenance grass blend to help with any potential weed problems. Take a look at Cornfield Colour.

A common question regarding annual wildflowers, is the reliability of seed dispersal in the autumn. It is common belief that annual wildflowers go to seed at the end of the season, and that the seeds simply fall of the flowers, and grow again the following year. Whilst theoretically this is possible, you can extend the chances of a successful result, by cutting the area using a bar mower or strimmer, and remove the debris. Then rake the area to open up the soil, and roll.

With that information in mind, using a more diverse mixture, like Fab Meadow is often a more reliable method for creating a long term wildflower meadow.


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