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Winter grass seeding

Winter grass seeding
7th January 2014 Lawn UK
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A question we are frequently asked is whether or not you can plant grass seed during the winter months.

There is nothing to stop you planting at any time of year, but be prepared for failure if the weather conditions are wrong. Seed needs two main things to germinate – warmth, and moisture.

It would be fair to assume that there is plenty of moisture around at the moment, as wet weather is sweeping in from across the Atlantic. However, the soil temperature is reasonably cold, with worse yet to come. And with just one of two factors fulfilled, chances of a successful sowing are very low.

So the most favourable times of year for sowing are Spring (mid-March until April are usually the best times), and late summer (September-October). With that in mind, it’s worth steering away from a winter grass seed sowing.

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