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Lawn UK featured by Local Traders and Daft Dog Treats

Lawn UK featured by Local Traders and Daft Dog Treats
31st July 2012 Lawn UK

Lawn UK has been featured on some leading websites around the internet this week. Both articles and recommendations were published by companies here in the UK. Information on how to use information published by Lawn UK can be requested by contacting us. featured an article written by Lawn UK for their guest blog section. Local Traders asked us to write about grass seed germination, and our article can be read here. Local Traders is a great service, and on their website describe themselves as:

“ is part of Local Traders Online Ltd, formerly Ltd. Our aims and goals are straightforward and honest; to deliver a service that connects consumers and tradespeople together at a time when customers are actively searching for the tradesperson’s products or services.

Our service was born out of frustration; seeing potential advertising customers spending large amounts of money on advertising that they themselves cannot measure to see if it has worked, and also frustration at not being willing to call a tradesperson at 8.30pm in case it was too late for the tradesperson. Based on those criteria, we set about creating a service that would be both cost effective and measurable for local advertisers, and allow customers to connect with tradespeople when THEY wanted to, regardless of time.” From

Another mention was by They called us a little while ago to discuss problems with dogs and lawns. We covered the story in our own article, and Daft Dog Treats also gave us a mention on their blog.

When writing on the company’s blog Amber Ross said:

Firstly, it seems that when I decided all grass seed was the same I was sorely mistaken. After trawling the internet doing my research, I decided to ask an expert, and came across Jack Wilkinson of Lawn UK, he pointed me in the right direction and explained the importance of using the right seed in the first place. As I’d already seeded my lawn, without success Jack explained that I could overseed the lawn with a more hardwearing mix.”

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