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Wildflower mix for Hedges and Shade

Wildflower mix for Hedges and Shade

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This wildflower seed mixture has been specially formatted to grow in the shade.

80% Low Maintenance Grasses for ShadeRHS Bee
20% of the following flora blend:
5% Tufted hairgrass
5% Autumn hawkbit
5% Bluebell
5% Hedge bedstraw
5% Hedge woundwort
5% Meadow sweet
5% Perforate St Johns Wort
10% Red campion
10% Self heal
5% Meadow Buttercup
5% Oxeye Daisy
10% Field Scabious
5% Self Heal
5% Wood Avens
5% Teasel
5% Tufted vetch
5% Upright hedge parsley

Sowing times: Mar – Apr, Aug – Sep

Sowing rate: 2.5g/m2

Flowers: May – Aug

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