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Special New Lawn Package 225 sqm

Special New Lawn Package 225 sqm


If you’re seeding from scratch, and don’t have the time to research everything you need for the perfect family lawn, then look no further, because we have the ultimate Complete Lawn Seeding Package.

We’ve chosen the best seed, fertiliser and spreader to get you started with your new lawn. Easy Green lawn seed is a great mixture for a new lawn. Vitax Growmore fertiliser is perfect for giving your new lawn a kick-start. It’s much easier to apply the seed and fertiliser using a spreader, so we’ve even thrown in a drop spreader.

You can read more about preparing the soil, and sowing your grass seed.

This pack contains:

18kg Sprogs & Dogs

30kg Vitax Growmore, to fork into the soil

Earthway 2030 Spreader

This pack is suitable for covering an area up to 225 square metres.

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