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Nippon Woodlouse/Woodlice Killer 150g

Nippon Woodlouse/Woodlice Killer 150g


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Highly efficient control of woodlice and other pests

  • Use on woodlice, wasps, cockroaches, earwigs, silver fish and other crawling insects
  • For indoor and outdoor application
  • Long lasting – up to 6 months control
  • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas

Contains: Permethrin


While woodlice are essentially harmless,  nobody wants these creatures in or near their homes. Nippon Woodlice Killer provides a highly efficient solution. Supplied as a powder in a handy ‘puffer-pack’, it should be applied as a fine dust to surfaces and around cracks and other entry points. The treatment is long lasting – up to six months.

Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas. Do not use on soft furnishings.

In addition to controlling woodlice, the treatment is effective against cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish and other crawling insects. It can also be used as an alternative treatment for ant and wasp nests. To eliminate an ant nest, open up the nest when possible, dust well and tread down. Alternatively, apply the powder to or near the nest entrance.

In the case of wasps apply liberally into the nest or create piles of powder by the entrance. Take care when treating wasps nests. Always approach in the evening or on dull days when wasp activity is at a minimum. Do not disturb the colony and do not return to the nest until all wasp activity has ceased.

Available in a 150g puffer pack, the product contains Permethrin.

Use biocides safely.  Always read the label and product information before use.

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