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Habitat Lawn

Habitat Lawn


Habitat Lawn

A striped green lawn may look the part, but as the planet warms, it’s becoming increasingly important to make sustainable choices including in the garden


Habitat Lawn is our new mix designed to be a lawn that gives back. Low maintenance grasses are blended with low growing wildflowers which are perfect for pollinating insects. The clovers are nitrogen fixers, and act as a natural fertiliser, eliminating the need for chemical inputs.

Sow at a lower rate than normal, 50g per square metre.

1% Daisies

2% Birdsfoot Trefoil

1% Self Heal

1% Red Clover

3% White Clover

1% Black Medick

1% Salad Burnet

60% Tall Fescue

30% Slender Fescue


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