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Bee Meadow Wildflower Seeds – Beautiful Pollinators, Easy Sow Mix by ReNatura

Bee Meadow Wildflower Seeds – Beautiful Pollinators, Easy Sow Mix by ReNatura

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The Bee Meadow mix by ReNatura is a magnet for insects! This diverse, flowering mixture blooms from spring to autumn and provides bees with a long-lasting food supply. Insects are dependent on such areas, especially during times when there is little vegetation. These colourful flowers are not only vital for insects, but they also provide beautiful ground coverage.

Sowing period: April – October

Coverage: 25m2

Germination time: 2-3 weeks

Flowering time: June-October

Flower colour: Various

Growth height: 80cm

Sowing Instructions Rake the area. Mix the seeds and sprinkle on to the soil thinly, so the flowers have space to grow. Tread the seed into the soil and water generously. Wait for flowers! Cut down after flowering in late autumn. The success of perennial flowers relies on several factors including: location, climate and soil. To replenish your Bee Meadow, it may be necessary to resow ReNatura wildflowers every couple of years. The perennial species are supplemented by the one-year and two-year species increasing diversity of the meadow. Approximately 20 days after the start of growth, give each plant an 8cm cut to give all species sufficient development opportunity. In late autumn, cut down the flowers and grasses to round 5cm and remove the cut material 14 days later. The Bee Meadow may be cut in the following years after the flowering in spring and autumn. The clippings should be removed to avoid disturbing future growth.


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