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Airports and Taxiways – 25kg

Airports and Taxiways – 25kg

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Finding the ideal grass seed to use at and around airports can be a challenge. The grass needs to be something that is hardwearing, does not grow out of control, and will last a long time. Our Airports and Taxiways mixture is a dream come true for airport maintenance teams. Trying to mow long grass at a busy airport is never easy – it can often involve closing runways to prevent any grass been blown into the path of aircraft. Another great advantage is the ability of the grass to show tolerance to fumes and salt spray. This mixture could help to prevent bird strikes at airports and airfields. The grasses have been specially decided, after documents were studied that outlined varieties that may help prevent bird strikes. This mixture not only serves its purpose well – but looks the part too. The airport is often a travellers first sight of a country, and seeing green, well kept grass is a great advantage, and helps improve the image of the airfield. Other uses: Motorway embankments, large areas of parkland.

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