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Spring Lawn Care Guide

Your lawn is the centrepiece of your garden and how it looks has an enormous effect on the overall impact of your garden.  What you do to your lawn now will make for a great summer season and with spring coming fast now is the time to make plans to renovate and boost the lawn after a difficult winter.

A cold, wet winter is hard on a lawn.  Grasses like to produce their roots during winter but they can have a hard time doing that in cold, wet soil.  Some areas may have died completely or become very thin. Moss may have thrived and chocked out some shady parts of the lawn.

Your lawn needs a population boost and a good meal. You can achieve that by overseeding or even reseeding all or part of the lawn and by starting a fertilizer program for the season.

So that you know just what to do and when to do it, in this article we will explain how to choose the right seed, how to prepare the lawn for overseeding and what nutrients you should be providing at this time of year. It is not difficult to take the right steps and get off to a great start with your lawn for 2015.

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Lawn Revive Kit

Spring Lawn Revive Kits

Lawn Repair Kit

Our Lawn Revive kits are just what your lawn needs coming out of the tough winter period to give it the very best start to the New Year!

Treat your lawn for moss and weeds first, before raking out the dead moss, then use the supplied seed mix to over-seed and thicken up your lawn, ready for the rigours of spring and summer.

The Vitax Green Up MossFree lawn tonic will kill any persistent moss which thrives in the damp soils of winter and the high levels of Iron shall assist greening up your lawn.

Used alongside the Vitax Green Up Feed and Weed , both these products shall kill moss and any broadleaved weeds, whilst adding valuable Iron and Nitrogen fertiliser to the soil before you can over-seed any thin and damaged patches with the Sprogs & Dogs seed mix. Check our over-seeding guide here.

There is sufficient product supplied to treat the average sized domestic lawn twice, giving the very best boost to your lawn this spring!

Please ensure you use the Green Up products before you sow the grass seed, as raking away the dead moss will give the seed the best possible chance to achieve soil contact and allow it to rapidly fill in any bare patches caused by winter weather and wear and tear.

Use our Lawn Revive kit from March/April onwards, as ground temperatures begin to rise and there is a reduced chance of frost.

Our most popular seed - Sprogs and Dogs

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