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    Order by 1pm today for Christmas delivery

    Today is the last day to order for delivery before Christmas. All lawn seed and fertiliser items in stock will…

    by Lawn UK
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    Our top 5 fertilisers

    When it comes to fertilisers, there are many to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a general purpose garden fertiliser,…

    by Lawn UK
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    The most pressing question

    Our FAQ section is a great place to find answers to many lawn questions. We thought it would be interesting…

    by Lawn UK
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    How long will a lawn last?

    Perennial grasses are fairly persistent and hardy plants. Lawns can last indefinitely, however there are a number of factors that could limit…

    by Lawn UK
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    How many grass species are there?

    Take a guess! 50, 500? That’s what you might think. We use about 100 species in our seed mixtures here…

    by Lawn UK
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    Widespread – spreader range

    Whether you have a small garden or a house in the country, we have a variety of grass seed and…

    by Lawn UK
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    Dual purpose lawn mixtures

    Almost every Monday morning, there’s a pile of questions like this waiting in our email inbox: “I need a lawn…

    by Lawn UK
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    What to do this December

    The short answer, is there isn’t a lot to do in December!   The long lasting warm temperatures this autumn…

    by Lawn UK
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    Annual wildflowers

    Annual wildflowers are found in many areas around the country. It’s possible to reintroduce species like Corn Chamomile, Cornflower, Field…

    by Lawn UK
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    Miss mowing? Prepare for the new season

    Your mower may be safely tucked away in the shed, but it can be beneficial to make sure it’s in…

    by Lawn UK
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    It’s just like making a cake

    It’s a point worth reiterating, we mix all of our seed blends to order. Every component is weighed out by…

    by Lawn UK
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    See your way with the new Led Lenser range

    Led Lenser manufacture superior high quality LED lights. The German company, also known for the famous Leatherman multi-tool, offer a…

    by Lawn UK

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