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  • aerating.jpg

    Aeration – Help your Lawn to Breath

    If there is one thing most people carry away from school biology class it is that animals give out carbon…

    by Lawn UK
  • cut grass comparrisson.jpg

    Clean Cut

    One important factor in maintaining a quality lawn is the sharp blade of the mower. When we cut a lawn…

    by Lawn UK
  • iStock_000006372371Small.jpg

    Is your lawn a waste of space?

    Often, the only reason a lawn exists is because it fills a gap between two fences.   If you look…

    by Lawn UK
  • lawn scalping.jpg

    How to Repair and Prevent Scalping and Damaged Edges

    Mowing a lawn is a skill.  Whether you use a rotary or a cylinder mower accidents can happen.  Perhaps you…

    by Lawn UK
  • Moss.jpg

    What to Do About Moss?

    Mosses have been around a long time – about 450 million years.  Compared to them lawn grasses are mere children,…

    by Lawn UK
  • The Benefits of Topdressing – Real or Not?

    At the heart of traditional lawn-care is topdressing.  In the words of the venerable Royal Horticultural Society:   Top-dressing is…

    by Lawn UK
  • wet lawn.jpg

    Draining the Lawn

    A winter of torrential rain and flooding may have left your lawn a sodden mess.  Puddles and surface water may…

    by Lawn UK
  • iStock_000001992948Medium.jpg

    Rolling your lawn

    Many people associate lawn rollers with traditional gardening practices and think that rolling the lawn regularly is an essential part…

    by Lawn UK
  • Seed Bed Preparation for Your Soil Type

    Understanding your soil is basic to all kinds of gardening, from vegetable growing to lawn care.  It is easy to…

    by Lawn UK
  • Molehill.jpg

    Controlling Moles in Your Lawn

    If your early contact with moles was ‘Wind in the Willows’, then meeting them in the flesh – or rather…

    by Lawn UK
  • shade grass.jpg

    Choosing the Right Grass Seed for Shady Lawns

    Almost all gardens have some shady areas.  Some gardens have a lot of shade – indeed a beautiful garden with…

    by Lawn UK
  • iStock_000020769869Small.jpg

    How can Organic Fertilisers benefit your Lawn?

    Introduction There are very few spheres of existence which have been left behind in the race to go organic or…

    by Lawn UK

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