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  • nesting mouse.jpg

    January Jobs…. and a mouse!

    Well, we are officially over the Winter solstice and the days are, apparently, getting longer again although the cold chill…

    by Lawn UK
  • shutterstock_205265350.jpg

    New Years Lawn Resolutions

    Daffodils, lambs, long days, Easter – are just some of the things to look forward to in the coming months.…

    by Lawn UK
  • tough green lawn seed.jpg

    Time for Lawn Sand

    Lawn Sand is a greening tonic, applied to your lawn in Spring and Summer. Lawn Sand should be used to…

    by Lawn UK
  • Lawn Ranger.png

    August lawn care (Lawn Care Diary)

    August is usually a busy month for lawns. Not only is it the middle of the school holidays, but plenty…

    by Lawn UK
  • Dandellion.jpg

    Controlling the Weeds in Your Lawn

    The vision of most gardeners is of a perfect sward of green stretching across their garden to complement the variety…

    by Lawn UK
  • Fertiliser: What, When and How much to feed your lawn?

    When we remove the cuttings from a lawn the leaf material contains nutrients that need to be replaced. Lawns survive…

    by Lawn UK
  • mower.jpg

    Which Mower is Right for You – Cylinder or Rotary?

    Everyone wants to have the nicest lawn around. Visits to famous gardens seem to always include an expectation that the…

    by Lawn UK
  • Fork it.jpg

    Fork it!

    We can appreciate a good lawn from what we see of it above the ground but we need to understand…

    by Lawn UK
  • orgchem.jpg

    Organic or Chemical fertiliser – Which is best?

    Healthy growth for your lawn requires relatively small amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potash (K). Applying too much…

    by Lawn UK
  • Lawn mowing.jpg

    One Man Went to Mow…

    There is a story that some Americans were visiting a grand public school that shall remain nameless.  While admiring the…

    by Lawn UK
  • bentgrass.jpg

    Queen of the Lawn – Bent Grass

    In the minds of many of us there lurks a vision of the ideal lawn.  Perfectly flat, a uniform green…

    by Lawn UK
  • aerating.jpg

    Aeration – Help your Lawn to Breath

    If there is one thing most people carry away from school biology class it is that animals give out carbon…

    by Lawn UK

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