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SBK Brushwood Killer Concentrate 250ml

SBK Brushwood Killer Concentrate 250ml


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Proven weedkiller will eradicate brambles, thistles, nettles and other tough weeds

Can be used to treat tree stumps as well as tough weeds

Formulated NOT to harm grass

Apply to tough weeds and hardwood saplings from May to October

Use on woody weeds from June to August

Apply to tree stumps in Autumn and Winter

Contains: Triclopyr


This tough weedkiller has become a leading name for the effective control of brambles, thistles, nettles, dock, woody weeds and unwanted saplings and can also be used to kill off tree stumps.

SBK  Brushwood Killer has been specially formulated to kill weeds without harming grass and can be used safely in lawned and turfed areas. It is also ideal for treating neglected, non-crop areas.


SBK Brushwood Killer should be applied as follows:

Tough weeds and hardwood saplings: May – October

Woody weeds: June – August

Tree stumps: Autumn/Winter

Allow at least six weeks between applications and before re-planting.

Use plant protection products safely.  Always read the label and product information before use.

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