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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks


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Dog Rocks are a revolutionary new product that prevent dog urine burning patches in your lawn. The rocks are placed in your dogs water bowl, and have no affect on the dogs health in any way.

Dog Rocks are a paramagnetic igneous rock from the molten core of the Earth. If a dog is being fed a diet of fresh red meat or is regularly given treats, the effect of Dog Rocks will be reduced due to high protein levels. High levels of protein are not all absorbed and when digested the overload will come out the other end as nitrates. We always recommend a premium dry dog food. There is often an outside factor that influences the results of Dog Rocks; it is just a matter of pinpointing it.  Dog Rocks are not an exact science but once we have worked out your dog’s dosage, there is no reason why they should not work and give you a beautifully green lawn.

  • No need to medicate your dog
  • Hassle free & safe for all household pets
  • 100% natural rock, all natural minerals, straight from the earth
  • Laboratory tested
  • Safe for your dog; does not affect the pH balance of your dog’s drinking water or urine
  • Endorsed & sold by vets worldwide

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