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The reason why you don’t see organic lawn seed

The reason why you don’t see organic lawn seed
4th February 2017 Lawn UK

dog-grassWhilst we sell some chemical-free fertilisers, organic lawn seed is still a gap in our product offering. There’s one main reason that we don’t sell organic grass seed, and it certainly isn’t because there’s no consumer demand for it.

The farmers and growers who produce our seeds for our lawn seed mixtures, rarely grow organic crops because most of the amenity grass seed they sell (amenity refers to anything not destined for non-agricultural use), go into the sports and landscape market. That particular market relies heavily on chemical fertilisers and pesticides, so having organic seed would be somewhat pointless. Sadly, grass seed is grown on a commercial scale, and whilst we always source the most natural, untreated seeds available to us, we can’t actually buy the volumes of organic seeds that we sell.

There are of course some exceptions to this, sometimes we can get commercially grown varieties of creeping red fescue, but only because it’s been produced for the agricultural industry. There are many agricultural species of grass readily available as organic seeds, but using these in a lawn may turn your garden into a jungle – these tend to be species farmers use for hay or silage production, or grazing cattle or sheep.

We’ll continue to do what we can to bring an organic lawn seed to the market, but until then, you can continue feeding your lawn with organic fertilisers, knowing that you’re doing your bit for ecological sustainability.


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